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BRENDO PS4 Console Dust Cover – Grey (lifetime warranty)

$9.99 (as of October 18, 2018, 12:47 am)

Excessive dust inside the console will cause the machine to overheat and may damage the optical drive. This dust cover is custom designed to protect your PS 4 console from dust. It will help extend the console’s lifespan.
Soft and durable material to protect your console from dust, dirt and accidental scratches
Opening for all ports on the back panel

Usually ships in 24 hours

Retaining your Ps 4 console blank and dirt unfastened will surely build up its lifespan. Mud accumulates over the years. It’ll result in your console to overheat. Mud might also harm the optical force, making it nonfunctional.

With using Brendo PS4 Mud Duvet you’ll be able to cut back the quantity of Mud that comes into your console, therefore lengthening the lifespan of your console


We supply Lifestyles time guaranty for this cap. For those who revel in any factor at any time, please touch us straight away for a fast resolution.

Over the top Mud throughout the console will result in the gadget to overheat and would possibly harm the optical force. This Mud Duvet is customized to offer protection to your PS 4 console from Mud. It’ll lend a hand prolong the console’s lifespan.
Cushy and sturdy subject matter to offer protection to your console from Mud, dust and unintended scratches
Establishing for all ports at the again panel
Cushy miro fiber internal lining prevents the console from being scratched
Please be aware: This product will have to no longer be used while the PS4 is in use. Lifestyles-time guaranty!




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