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Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers, Set of 4

$4.99 (as of May 24, 2018, 7:40 am)

Improves Grip Comfort Enhancement Slip Prevention Prolong Analog Life Very Affordable 4 Grip-iT tabs per set
Grip-iT prevents slippage, enhances feel and sensitivity. Take “Total Control” of your game with Grip-iT the competitive edge.
Why would you take them off.

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Grip- iT is the most recent gaming accent that people are speaking approximately, without equal in analog covers has in the end arrived! Now you’ll be able to take Keep watch over of your video games and raise efficiency for console avid gamers, Grip-iT’s are really easy to glue to the analog stick and forestalls slippage, complements really feel and sensitivity whilst enjoying the sport, you’ll by no means need to play with out them once more. Produced from unique fabrics which might be comfortable to touch and really feel just right in your arms for prolonged play time and Easiest of all of the additional grip is there whilst you wish to have it so much. Grip-iT is the solution to each avid gamers objective, “Be the Easiest” Therefore, Grip-iT used to be born giving the gamer the aggressive side they call for. Get the most productive grip from your console sport pads and feature the aggressive side you at all times sought after with the Grip-iT!
Improves Grip Convenience Enhancement Slip Prevention Extend Analog Lifestyles Very Inexpensive 4 Grip-iT tabs in keeping with set
Grip-iT prevents slippage, complements really feel and sensitivity. Take “General Keep watch over” of your sport with Grip-iT the aggressive side.
Why might you’re taking them off.


Total Control






xbox 360


10, hundredths-inches, 450, hundredths-inches, 13, hundredths-pounds, 300, hundredths-inches


Total Control






PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


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