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KontrolFreek – Ultra Xbox One

$16.99 (as of May 24, 2018, 11:58 am)

Better control = Higher accuracy in FPSs
More grip, less thumb fatigue
Higher sensitivities mean superior kill rates

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KontrolFreek ULTRA, our hottest PS3 and Xbox 360 controller accent, is now to be had for the Xbox One and PS4. Relied on By means of a lot of casual and professional players, the KontrolFreek ULTRA thumbstick extender was once evolved for the only real objective of bettering your gameplay revel in. The end result has develop into rather of a legend. By means of expanding the duration of the analog sticks reasonably, keep an eye on is progressed dramatically. A controller equipped with KontrolFreek ULTRA supplies a variety of movement building up of over forty%, providing you with the power to make smaller, more exact in-sport actions. This provides the luxurious of turning up controller sensitivities to most ranges so you’ll be able to flip to your combatants sooner and acquire the higher-hand throughout intense gun battles and sword fights. KontrolFreekFreek ULTRA additionally offers you Higher keep an eye on whilst requiring much less drive – assuaging thumb-fatigue – and adding more convenience to lengthy gaming classes. Briefly, this greater precision and decreased thumb-fatigue ends up in a greater solution to sport. Within the aggressive global of on-line gaming, you would be crazy to play with out the KontrolFreek ULTRA KontrolFreek ULTRA is designed to suit the Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, the Sony PS4 and PS3 controllers, and also will are compatible many 3rd-celebration variations.
Higher keep an eye on = Upper accuracy in FPSs
More grip, much less thumb fatigue
Upper sensitivities imply awesome kill charges
one hundred% Match criminal
Xbox One suitable






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