Popular VR Games

Until a few years ago, it was only possible to enjoy virtual reality games on video consoles such as the PlayStation by adding VR glasses or also on computers by incorporating Oculus Rift glasses from Facebook or HTC’s Vive glasses. However, since 2017 mobile phones support virtual reality games.


Virtual Reality Games on Mobile


It is possible to use a powerful and high-generation mobile phone and install cheap reality glasses accessible as Google Cardboard and delight in the best virtual reality games of Android or iOS, depending on the operating system you have. Within the Android world, there is also an alternative – Samsung Gear.

The producers of video games are aware of the future of mobile phones and are increasingly developing a greater number of virtual reality video games.

This is because many of the smartphones that are coming to the market, have characteristics comparable to those of some computers and can handle the graphic environments developed for this purpose.

Next, we’ll show you the most original and fun virtual reality titles for mobile phones


Bamf VR


Without a doubt, BAMF VR is a game that attracts a lot of attention. This free title offers a different experience from the rest of VR games because it allows you to play solving puzzles in an environment full of figures of all kinds in which you have to solve the problems to advance.

In this game, you can’t run or jump. However, you can teleport anywhere just by looking at the site and pressing the teleportation button.

However, we recommend that when you play, you are sitting or lying down as some of the riddles need many twists and movements in 360 degrees, so better to be still to avoid falls or surprises. By the way, it’s only available on Android.


Zombie Shooter


Zombie games are ravaging thanks to the fame of series like The Walking Dead or classics like Resident Evil. Zombie Shooter is a lifelong Doom shooter with which you can defeat all the undead who stand before you.

Although its graphics aren’t the best in the world, you’ll have a good time shooting and spending adrenaline killing zombies. The good thing is that it’s available on Android and iOS.


VR Roller Coaster


For thrill-seekers, VR Roller Coaster is the perfect title. Thanks to this game, you will be able to enjoy roller coasters without leaving home, remember that they are virtual.

Even though the gameplay or graphics are not the best, it is worth installing this game even if it is to feel that feeling in the stomach. It’s free and on both iOS and Android.


VR X-Racer


For the end, we have left this gem; the VR X-Racer is a different game from others. It is a virtual reality game with peculiar and minimalist graphics. It is ideal for lovers of aircraft and spacecraft video games.

To be the fastest and get to the end, you have to be very skillful, have nerves of steel and mastery of the controls to avoid crashing into buildings and other structures. Available on all mobile platforms.

Other worthwhile titles include Twilight Pioneers, Hunters Gate, InMind, and Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue.


Virtual Reality Games on Consoles


Fortunately, virtual reality games can be enjoyed not only on mobile but also on other platforms such as consoles. Specifically, on the PlayStation 4, thanks to the addition of The Play VR glasses. The Sony company is the only one that is betting on this technology since the XBOX doesn’t have VR products.

Here’s a selection of must-have titles you should have on your PS console.


Batman Arkham VR


Gotham’s guardian lovers are in luck. This superhero title allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the bat and scare your enemies. The good thing is the quality and the graphics, the bad thing is that it lasts little.




Thanks to this video game, you will live an adventure in which shots and aliens will have special prominence. Be careful, it’s addictive!


Gran Turismo Sport


This title can not be missing in the list of games for lovers of speed and adrenaline. This game follows the line of the Gran Turismo saga, a classic, in virtual reality. And you’ll feel like you’re Fernando Alonso.


Tetris Effect


Last summer, this Title Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR was announced at the famous E3 2018 fair. Although it is difficult to overcome the classic Tetris, this video game manages to attract attention thanks to the combination of different effects, and of course, one of the best gameplays on the market.

It will be released this fall. However, we can almost assure you that a hole will be made in our game schedule.

Although we can’t quote all the virtual reality games on the market, we advise you to keep these titles; Moss, Resident Evil 7, RIGS, Job Simulator, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

Finally, we will talk about several games for the Oculus and HTC VIVE platforms.


Transference, for Oculus and HTC VIVE


An attractive virtual reality project, especially since it comes with the hand of Ubisoft and Elijah Wood. It is about getting into the mind of a soldier suffering from a stress disorder, to overcome the problems we must solve a series of riddles and memories that will allow us to reach the end.


Stormland for Oculus


This game looks like sweeping the market of virtual reality games, thanks to its triple-A ranking. A mix of combat, mystery, and exploration in a single title, but the best is its vibrant graphics and a narrative story that will hook you from start to finish.

Although most titles and virtual reality games are far from perfect, VR technology improves continuously.

There are more titles that come out every year, but more important is not a bigger number of virtual reality games, but an increase in quality, graphics, and stories that show that the VR world in video games is here to stay.