The Best Gaming Accessories

These are the ten best gaming accessories that you will be able to buy for a good price to enjoy long hours playing your favorite video games.

Among them, we will be able to find accessories both for those who prefer to play on consoles like PS4, Xbox 360, and for those who prefer the PC, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop computer.

One of the fundamental points that we have taken into account when choosing the different accessories is comfort when it comes to using them; we want you to be at ease and relax while you play. We have also taken into account the quality of them, a crucial point to have the best immersion in the games. In addition to these accessories, don’t miss our recommendations on how to equip your gaming room in full.


Ten Best Gaming Accessories


Gaming Chair – Boss


The first of the accessories and most important is this gaming chair. It has a reclining backrest so that each user can choose the position that they want the most. Besides, it includes a lumbar pillow and a neck pillow.

The chair can be purchased directly from Aliexpress.


Microphone Boya-PM700


For those who do not know this brand, we must tell you that Boya is a company dedicated to the world of microphones. They make both wireless microphones, lavalier, and this desktop.

We wanted to add this microphone because we rely on its quality to perform gameplays, direct, or any recordings.

Another of the points that we find interesting in this microphone is the possibility to mute it or be able to raise or lower the sound of it so that it does not get sotted.

We must not forget that this microphone is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems.


Portable Fan 3000RPM USB LaptopFan


Although many people play on consoles or desktops, there is also the typical user who prefers to buy their gaming laptop to be able to enjoy their favorite video games from anywhere.

That is why we think that the best way to extend the life of a laptop and avoid overheating is the incorporation of a quality fan.

This fan is connected by USB to the equipment for operation. Also, it incorporates a small blue light to give it a gaming touch, although we think more about the operation than the aesthetics.


Razer Cynosa Pro Keyboard


We continue with the ten best gaming accessories of 2019, in this case, by the hand of one of the world’s largest brands of gaming accessories such as Razer. The company has been dedicated for years to the world of gaming accessories such as mice, keyboards, helmets, etc.

In the case of this keyboard, we will find ourselves with a simple design, at the same time, elegant. All this accompanied as could not be less, a lot of combinations for your RGB LED lights and mechanical keys.


Razer DeathAdder Mouse


This is one of the many gaming mice you have in your Razer collection. It has a high sensitivity of up to 3500 dpi for greater accuracy. This is especially useful in weapon games, as it makes it easy to target enemies quickly, effectively.

Unlike other mice that are not gaming, we will not encounter any jumping or interference that could damage that gaming experience.


SADES Gaming Helmets


We will all agree that to enjoy in a good game, it is best to get as complete immersion as possible. That’s going to be possible thanks to SADES gaming headsets, which include a microphone for chatting with fellow gamers.

These helmets are operated using a 3.5 mm connector for more excellent compatibility with all kinds of video consoles and computers.

They also incorporate a switch to turn the microphone off and on and to turn the volume on or down the headset. Besides, if you’re one of those who bother you with long cables, you’re going to be able to hold it to your clothes thanks to the cable clamp.


Gamepad for Xbox 360


Are you more of a gamepad gamer or keyboard and mouse gamer? Since we don’t know the profile of all players who can read this entry, we wanted to give you options for all of them, including these wireless Xbox 360 gamepads. The Aliexpress store also offers a wired version.

Even if you indicate that it is for Xbox 360, it is possible to configure it on a computer thanks to the xce360 program that you can find easily and free with a Google search.


Gamepad for Android


We talked about gamers playing on PC and video consoles, but we couldn’t forget about the new generations of juicers who decide to spend long hours with their mobile devices.

To do this, nothing better than to do it with the hand of an ergonomic, inexpensive gamepad for Android with smartphone support. In some cases, a previous configuration is needed to be detected. It features Bluetooth and is compatible with both Android and iOS.


Gaming Mat


If we have previously told you that we have chosen these ten accessories prioritizing comfort, we could not miss a gaming mat as a complement to Razer’s mouse and keyboard. This mat is going to make it easier for us to move the mouse.

Also, if you connect it to the computer using the USB cable that it brings, we will be able to enjoy the LED lights that it incorporates for a better gaming feeling.


120W Logitech Speakers


With this 120W Logitech sound equipment, we finish off the best gaming accessories of 2019, which we find excellent value for money.

These speakers will give us the possibility to enjoy the best games with friends, whether in a large house, garden or local. It can also be used as a perfect complement to enjoy music at a party or the best HD movies.